Jan 8, 2009

New Year's Resolutions 2009

Resolutions - wahoo.

1. To write more in the blog.

I guess people do read my blog. Still don't know why.. But I guess it's the same as perusing one's facebook page, which I do quite often.

Anyways, I actually do have a few interesting things to post this time around. My cousin enoch and his wife kimmie - this multi-talented and creative duo, who make J and I look like lazy farts - are putting on a theater/dance performance called Aspiro at College Park in Maryland. They played scenes of the performance at their wedding, and it was absolutely breath-taking. Kimmie is similar to Edith Piaf on stage. She's tiny, but as soon as she starts moving, you can't take your eyes off her. She's truly mesmerizing.

If you do live in the NOVA area and are interested in seeing Aspiro, click here to see performance details.


On another note, my friend J found Gwyneth Paltrow's blog that she updates regularly. The layout is nice and uncomplicated. And her entries are less political, and more about general well being. The tagline is "nourish the inner aspect" which is precisely what it does.

2. Learn Spanish. I do live in LA afterall, plus I want to try out the popular Rosetta Stone. And with our moving pattern (move south every 4 years), we're going to end up in Mexico next.

3. Watch less, read more. This one will be hard to accomplish especially since I work at hulu. Book Club has helped. Although keeping up with the one book a month schedule, trying to balance that with work, a social life and some down time is pretty difficult.

4. Less Down time, more gym time. Also difficult. It blows my mind now that I used to spend 3 hours commuting (via Caltrain and Muni), spend a good 8 hours at work, and still have enough energy for a 4 mile run or an hour at the gym. How did I do that?

5. Travel? Possibly. I always add this to my resolutions list, because it's always something I want to do more of. I've been craving a trip to Europe lately. I haven't seen my close friend Chris and my Parisian crew in years, and would definitely like to explore the wineries in Southern France. Oh Greece would be fantastic as well. After that, Australia and NZ, and another trip to Asia.

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